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2024 Postseason Information


We offer two levels of postseason baseball—Honors and All Stars. To qualify for play in either postseason level, a player must have been registered in either Minors or Majors during the Spring 2024 season.


Honors is a roughly two-week commitment that starts immediately after the regular season ends--there is one week of practice, followed by a week or so of games located around District 4 (Wilsonville, MHLL, Cedar Mill).  Honors is broken down by age groups--Minors (8-10u) and Majors (11-12u). It is meant to be a relatively low-commitment and casual experience that exposes players to tournament play.  Due to field constraints, this year MHLL will only be allowed to field two Honors teams (one for Majors, one for Minors).

This year’s Honors tournaments are scheduled for June 14 – 16 (location still TBD).

All Stars

All Stars is a bigger commitment and is what you see on ESPN at the Little League World Series. All Star teams practice daily for 3-4 weeks before their first tournament, and at many levels the District and State tournaments are not scheduled until mid to late July. The 10u and 11u All Star teams can play through the State tournament, while the 12u (Majors) squad can play to Regionals and even the Little League World Series (which happens in late August). Fun fact--a MHLL 12u All Star team finished third in the World Series in 2006!

The All Star schedule is looking like this (subject to further change):

8-10u (aka 10u)

Districts - June 21-28 @ Sunset Park
State – July 20 – 27 @ Hollywood Rose City

9-11u (aka 11u)

Districts - June 23-28 @ Sunset Park
State – July 13 – 19 @ Lake Oswego

10-12u (aka Majors; 12u)

Districts – July 6 - 12 @ Waluga Park
State – July 19 – 25 @ Medford


In the registration process, parents have three options to choose from: Honors-only (meaning they don’t want to be considered for All Stars); Honors or All Stars (meaning they want their child to play Honors if not selected for All Stars); and All Stars-Only (meaning they don’t want their child to be placed in Honors if not selected for All Stars).

In addition, you will have to choose the age group(s) where your child will be considered for postseason selection. Usually that’s pretty straightforward—a 10 year old player often only wants to be considered for the 10u All Star team. But technically that player is also eligible to be considered at the 11u and 12u levels, too, if they are capable of “playing up” with older kids. That’s your call—some players would rather play with their peers rather than playing up with the older kids.

Lastly, it’s also important to keep in mind that the 11u and 12u All Star teams typically draw from the Majors division, while the 10u All Star team most often draws from Minors. On the other hand, the 11-12u Honors team will pull from both Minors and Majors.  

Registration available here:

MHLL President



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